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Suzanne is a trained Adoption Support Counsellor who intrinsically understands the complexities of adoption thus facilitating invaluable support for adoptees, birth parents and adopters.  Adult adoptees can face an entire lifetime of difficult and conflicting emotions such as loss, fear of rejection and issues around intimacy, guilt, shame, control and identity.  Suzanne understands many adoptees face relationship difficulties, suffer depression and feelings of unworthiness as they search for a true sense of themselves.  Often adoptees find it hard to trust people, resulting in feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

In 2010 the Law changed to give adoptees access to therapeutic support from trained specialists in adoption as the impact of adoption can affect every area of their lives.  This Law was introduced particularly with the tracing process in mind as without specialist knowledge and experience, an adult adoptee embarking on the journey of locating birth parents can face untold emotional distress.  Suzanne offers warm and empathic support both emotionally and practically for all adult adoptees, helping to improve their security and relationships.

Birth Parents
Suzanne supports both birth parents but understands that it is often birth mothers who suffer life-long feelings of loss from relinquishing their child.  As a result they can experience depression, feelings of guilt, shame, anger and regret.  Research indicates a birth mother’s feelings of loss can intensify over time and not reduce.  Suzanne works empathically and without judgement to support the individual needs of birth parents or relatives allowing them to explore their feelings.  Such is the trust Suzanne builds, clients are often able to voice things they have never said before.

Suzanne understands the process of adoption can be utterly overwhelming as every area of your life is intruded upon to ensure you are a suitable parent.  This process can leave you feeling depleted, unsupported and less resourceful at a time when you need all your energy to welcome a child into your home.  Working with adopters, Suzanne not only offers emotional support in helping couples explore their hopes, dreams and fears but also gently guides them through practicalities to help them adjust as parents and partners.  If required, Suzanne will guide adopters in aspects related to existing family and offer support to other family members.