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Within Suzanne’s practice as a Couples Therapist she offers a trusting therapeutic relationship where both partners are equally supported so they can find a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.  Working with a successfully researched-based model, Suzanne supports couples to see patterns of behaviour, address their responses in conflict and identify ideas they’ve formed about each other.  Working with this emotionally focused and attachment-based model, couples are able to explore deeper underlying emotions in a calm confidential environment.  Within therapy, couples can expect to improve communication, find a closer and healthier connection with one another and re-introduce a loving and caring relationship.  Suzanne offers practical methods so couples can develop the resources to become self-supporting.

Suzanne is also experienced in supporting couples who have reached a cross-roads in their relationship and are undecided about whether staying together is right for them.  Although traditionally, couples therapy has been viewed as predominantly for those who wish to stay together, it can be a very healthy way to separate as it supports each individual to understand the many aspects which have contributed to this point in time.  In these circumstances, Suzanne works to support each individual with loss, the closing of a chapter and a new journey beyond the relationship.

Suzanne is inclusive of all couples regardless of gender.

Relationship Issues
When working with relationship difficulties, Suzanne has a deep understanding of how early life experiences and former adult relationships can impact clients’ lives: many difficulties can arise within families and friendships, life events can be very painful and relationships can suffer.  Suzanne draws upon her attachment- based experience to support clients in gaining an understanding of how early childhood relationships impact thoughts, feelings and behaviours in adult life.  By receiving her clients without judgement and with empathy, Suzanne helps clients develop self-understanding.  Clients often find this experience immensely reassuring and gain a different perspective that can lead to greater life fulfilment and improved relationships.